Ministry Mission

It is the goal of Starfish Prison Ministries to reach out to men, women, and juveniles, all over the USA and the world, as God leads. Those who are still inside, those who have re-entered, the many who have taken time to help someone out, families of the incarcerated, their victims and and their families, or people who would like to receive a blessing. We pray that God will touch the hearts of those who read these testimonies, stories, parables, or even the weekly quotes. To better help this goal to succeed, we need the help of all who visit this site. It is through you, that we are able to reach out to so many others. Won’t you please spread the word, and reach out to those who may have a story to share, or just need to be encouraged?

There much negative publicity about those who have been in prison; we would like to share the many positive stories that often out-number the negative ones. With the exception of free bookmarkers, which share the story and our mission, we give nothing material or tangible. One cannot touch what we offer; but through this site God can touch many hearts and bring healing to many broken spirits. Though we do understand that there are often contributing factors as to the choices that have been made, we do not excuse what has been done. We believe God gives us the choice of which path we will travel. But we also believe man can change with God’s help. That we have the opportunity, and obligation to make a difference in our hurting world. Because of this, we would like to bless you with the knowledge that positive re-enforcement and encouragement can change lives for the good. The blessing you give to another person, will be returned to you in quantities that are unmeasurable. It may not be easy to stand by someone who has hurt others, or who has hurt you; but the end results will be worth it.

If you have a story/testimony to share, one that would give encouragement to others, would you consider contacting Starfishpm? It may be one about someone helping you or someone you have helped. We would like to let people share in your story and be able to experience the value of true compassion. By the same token, those who have helped others will also be able to realize the value of the gift they have given. We understand and appreciate this treasure, one that cannot be measured in this lifetime. One that comes from the heart. This is why it is so important to share with others, and thereby blessing many. We change the names and generalize the locations to protect the privacy of all the persons involved. Then we will post your treasure on the site. As testimonies arrive they will be rotated, most recent placed on the top. We treat every story with respectvery story, and believe each on is of equal importance We respect the privacy of the author, and keep his or her personal information confidential. It is our policy that this information will not be discussed outside our board of directors and office staff.

If you would like to receive more information or request bookmarks to share with others, please contact Roxane at Starfish Prison Ministries P.O. Box 193, Medford, WI 54451 or e-mail us at . May God bless you for your willingness to share your story/testimony with others, knowing that it will touch many hearts and be an encouragement to others. Your story is important to them and to us, and will be treated with respect. Please feel free to add any prayer requests you may have at the bottom of your submission. Be comforted to know that our staff and Friends of Starfish will lift them to our Lord.

We wish to encourage those who receive a blessing, and would like to know how they too can help or encourage others, to contact us. There are needs in many areas. Would you consider becoming a Friend of Starfish (prayer warrior), joining us in lifting the requests we receive to God’s Throne? At this time requests, that we receive, are sent directly to each friend’s individual e-mail accounts. It is our goal, in the future, to be able to also post the requests on the site. These requests come to our yahoo e-mail address, through snail mail, and by phone or word of mouth. We receive requests from those who are still inside, their families and friends, victims and their families, our own Friends of Starfish, Sometimes from someone who is just seeking prayer in a situation others may not quite understand or who does not feel they can measure up to a worldly society’s measure. We do not judge or question what others have done, but instead seek God’s will and wisdom. We accept that there may be contributing circumstances, but offer no excuses. It is God’s place to be the only judge, for we are all sinners saved by His grace. We consider it an honor to take these requests to God’s Throne, seeking His Will, and knowing He will answer them according to His Will. To become a Friend of Starfish, share a story, request a bookmarker, make a comment, or find out how to become a pen pal or become a volunteer in an active and safe prison ministry…please feel free to contact us at Many volunteers are needed to work in prisons with existing groups, mentors are especially needed to work with men and women upon release, even prayer warriors and pen friends are at a shortage. Some pen friend agencies even offer a go-between address to send letters through. These are just a few of the areas that need workers. We will make every effort to direct you to already existing ministries in your area, so that you may be able to find one that can guide you in the best way to go. Groups that will be able to help you get into an area that needs volunteers, so that you will be able to help others in a safe and positive manner. Thank you for taking time to pray about how God would have you to ‘make a difference in someone’s life’.

**We reserve the right to return a story if there is a question of content. Your testimony will not be returned to you unless we are unable to use it on this site. If possible we will enclose a letter of explanation.